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Thank you for showing an interest in Earnest Travels.  Our founder and owner is a 15-year veteran in business travel and delegation consulting, who now strives to make a mark in the travel industry by delivering excellent travel consultations and services. Her focus on customer satisfaction through excellence in both products and services motivates our team to strive for high achievements. The clients’ needs are paramount which drives us to provide continued support and accessibility beyond their return from travel.

Earnest Travels serves as an Independent Travel Agency.Our headquarters is located in central Florida near the Orlando area, but we cater to the entire North America region.  We are a growing company with a network of over 900 travel partners across North America. 

At Earnest Travels we understand that travelers, managers, and team members are often too busy to expend time and energy on making travel arrangements. Whether you are planning a trip for work or for pleasure, our experienced professionals have the expertise to make your trip as efficient and hassle-free as possible. We are equipped with the skills and resources to schedule both domestic and international travel.Our role is to focus on the minute specifics of the travel schedule so that you don't have to. That way, you can concentrate on what matters most to you. We work to ensure that our customers enjoy the most cost-effective fares for ground and air transportation, accommodation, and fringe activities while they are away from home.

Though our organization specializes in cruise vacation, we also offer a variety of travel related services such as air travel, car rental, hotels/resorts, all inclusive, rail and bus vacations, tours, passport and visa services and the list goes on.  We leverage our strengths in travel to serve our customers, providing domestic and international holiday packages and services to individuals, families, companies, and groups of all sizes and interests.  Regardless of whether you need a domestic or international package…we will deliver.  

Our values

·         We hold ourselves accountable

·         We act in the best interests of people who use or need our services.

·         We take responsibility for our actions and are open and transparent.


Highlight of Some Services We Offer:

Cruise Vacation Package:  Online you can find offers from our partners.  Feel free to submit a request.  You can also request excursions or flight tickets to and from the seaport, hotel accommodation pre and post cruise, and transportation to and from the airport and cruise port.  We also have offline custom packages if you are interested.

Vacation Package:  You can browse through out all-inclusive or vacation packages online.  We also offer in that package excursions, flight tickets, car rental services, airport transfers etc.  Make your request and we will put a package together for you. 

Tour Package:  We offer offline custom packages tailored to our customers’ requirements which can include hotel accommodation and transportation. 

 Visa Services- For those who want to apply for any visa service you can contact us for visa application service. We also offer full concierge services.  

Passport Services- For those who want to apply for a passport, we offer full concierge services. 

Corporate Travel: Corporate retreats, airline tickets (international and domestic) etc.hy does this come under visa services?

"Our business is your pleasure.  Earnest Travels will be honored to serve you."